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Sharran Makin

artist acrylic
17 Steel St, Redhead NSW 2290

Artist Gallery

Sharran Makin is a multidisciplinary award-winning artist. She is best known for her photography, print making and painting and loves working with many different mediums. Her work is often inspired from nature, the land and the Ocean, which has been an important part of her life.

She is an international award-winning artist. Her work has been exhibited in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and Bathurst. Her art and photography has found its way into many homes and organizations and is also owned by a number of art collectors and is admired by many.

She turned to art, photography and nature to help with her healing journey after suffering from PTSD, to help deal with stress and improve her cognition and memory. She hopes that by sharing her art and photography with the world, that it might encourage others who are going through a difficult journey or illness to turn to art as a form of therapy to help with their recovery and also encourage health professionals to consider art as an option to assist with their patient’s recovery.