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Lynne Turner

232 Skye Point Rd
Coal Point NSW 2283, Australia

Artist Gallery

Lynne Turner became a teacher in 1970 -too many years ago!

I was fortunate enough to have had studied among other things Ceramics as my Main Study. In those days of teacher training you didn’t get many options to choose. So whenever possible I could be found in the Studio especially if there was any chance of escaping a rather boring lecture.  Trouble was most would have known where to find Over the years I managed to do a little ceramics but life in general gets in the way.  Particularly children and running my own business.  There was a huge break from the creative practices.

However,  in the last ten years I have managed to delve into painting and mixed media.  Went to a life drawing group but had limited time because I was still working in our family businesses.  Retirement is bliss.  Back into my art and now I focus on sculpture.  Being interested in ceramics/pottery you always have an interest in 3D (three dimensions) so it seemed  natural to combine working with clay and the human figure.  Results are never what they seem and in the process changes in ideas filter through and sometimes take you off in unexpected directions.  The firing process of the clay can sometimes produce the unexpected

Surface treatments used in my work vary.  Glazing is one option which can give striking effects but it is also often with unplanned results.  I prefer to use bronze resin and acids to give a patina.  The costing of the bronze casting would quadruple the asking price of the sculpture.

The tactile qualities of the clay appeals to me in every way.  Seeing a face or figure emerge out of the clay is magical and when it survives the firing process it is rewarding.

All sculpture sold this weekend will have all the total sale price being donated to HMRI.  (Hunter
Medical Research Institute)

Please feel free to discuss my work with Lynne Turner

Ceramic Sculpture, Fired and surface treated with bronze and iron resins then acids used to create a patina. Surface treated again so that sculptures will be be waterproof to the elements. Some sculptures are glazed