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Lyn Lucas

Artist watercolour
12 Pims close Bonnells Bay NSW

Artist Gallery

My love of art came as a very young child, keen to colour in, so I am self taught. Growing up, drawing was my retreat and I started drawing boxes hence having a good eye for drawing and painting houses. I went on to complete my schooling coming in the top 5% of the state for art but sadly I put my art away as a young mum and did not pick up another pencil until my 3 teenage children were sending me to the brink of insanity. I went on with much encouragement from my husband to have watercolour lessons and have not put my brush back away for 25 years and hopefully never will, as my love for art and drawing is a part of me as a person and I don’t think I could function without it in my life it brings me a sense of peace and calm to my soul. I have sold many paintings and have won Champion painting and first and many places in various art shows around the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas.  I have taught young children and have a class of ladies each week at my Lynne-Rose Art studio, where we chat and paint and learn to love all that art can bring to oneself.

I love drawing so good pencils are my foremost important tool when drawing and good quality paper. I draw mostly every week stretching something for an art piece  or just to relax because when I draw the world does not exist so i am at peace. I took up a range of mediums when return to art and found that I love watercolour, be cause it amazed me what it can do on its own. I mostly use good Arches paper from smooth to medium and my   few but good quality and my most loved brushes are Raphails as you can make them dance.