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Lyn Abbott

saori weaving
35 Stingaree Point Dr
Dora Creek NSW 2264, Australia

Artist Gallery

Lyn has been weaving, spinning, felting, and dyeing fibres along with many aspects of the Fibre Industry for many years.  Her love is to make an individual piece in which to make the wearer feel special.  Her studio is full of fabulous fibres, yarns and embellishments which allow her to be able to create that special piece. Her weaving is unique in colours and styles.  Creation is what she loves to do.

Lyn’s art is based on saori weaving.   Saori weavers get inspired by yarn. This inspiration contributes to the best quality of her work.  Lyn selects the best yarn first (silk, cotton, wool), and then has a clear image of what she wishes to make.