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Lucy Butler

The Maker's Place 8 Anzac Parade, Teralba NSW 2284

Artist Gallery

Creativity has always been a driving force in my life. My mother and grandmother are artists, so creativity was always explored in my childhood. Growing up I had two passions my art practice and also my drive to help people. This has taken me all over the world to led development projects and to work throughout Australia with different Aboriginal communities. Using art as a form of respectful reciprocal communication.  My life has been enriched through the connections made with other cultures and this too has too informed my art practice. Having rich experiences working with people as a social worker, I then studied Art Therapy. Here everything started to balance, my passions for art and strength based therapeutic programs weaved together. Therefor my art works are layered stories impacted by experiences. My 2017 sell out show IMPRINTS was of miniature canvases that joined together to share my memories of Spain’s colourful and intriguing landscapes that left a mark on my life whilst walking the Camino.I was awarded the 2006 Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Award for most promising student at the end of fine arts studies. My work is in private collections nationally and internationally. I have had many commissions including for Pottingers Associates in the AMP building in Sydney. I could not live without art in my life!I have created LB Creative Therapy, through facilitating tailored creative programs for organisations and individuals. I believe healing, growth and self development can be achieved through a guided creative journey. I have seen first hand the positive impact that consistent informed creative programs can have on a person‘s outlook, self esteem and general health.

I am a painter. I always carry a little sketch book with me and make time to paint water colour paintings wherever I am. My work is influenced by travel and connections with people. I use my sketch books as a starting point for my larger art works. My larger works are layered textured works, they look abstract at first but as you engage with the painting, they start to come alive with the stories and images that are within the lines of the art work. The materials used in my larger works are acrylic paint, mediums and ink.