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Lorraine Banks

Textile Artist
5 Stingaree Point Road, Dora Creek

Artist Gallery

I am a weaver. I love weaving with beautiful fibres like silk, alpaca, and fine wools to create very special fabrics and wearables.
I mostly work on a 4 shaft Saori loom, weaving freeform and structured fabric, and I also use an 8 shaft Ashford loom.
Much of my weaving is sewn or modified into lovely wearable shapes that fit in a comfortable relaxed way on the body.
I complement my garments and wearable by using plant materials, chunky fibres and found objects to create hangings and vessels. Baskets, mostly made from Bangalow palm are another passion.

I work with silks, wool, alpaca, mohair, cotton, linen and hemp to create handwoven garments, wearables, and other items such as wall hangings and soft furnishings. I also love making baskets.