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Linda Minors

Acrylic Artist
The Maker's Place 8 Anzac Parade, Teralba NSW 2284

Artist Gallery

My artistic journey started during the late 70’s when I was at school, but my love for art did not develop until many years later. During my time at school I hated art. At school I was taught that art was an unvarying and pointless activity, where my art teacher got away with doing nothing other than his own art.

Rather than applying myself into my art lessons, my creative outlet went into beautiful ornate, title pages and having the best hand writing in the year.

Through out my life art has continued to return, and has now become an escape and a passionate hobby. My artworks have brought joy to my family and friends, as many have received them as thoughtful and heartfelt gifts.

I have donated my artworks into raffles in order to help my friends and family raise money when in need. I have donated one of my large abstract ocean pours to the Lake Macquarie Private Hospital Coronary Care Units. As a nurse I have been a major part of my patients journey, and I am happy to say that brightening up our unit with art has put smiles on many faces.

When I moved from Sydney to Newcastle I attended art lessons with Kate Belton for 20 years (during this time, it has kept me sane). Through my lessons with Kate, I have explored many styles, techniques and endless colours. I have now discovered a new personal definition of art, where I am able to express myself with either a pallet knife or a paint brush, that not only brings joy to me but also those around me.