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Kathy Langlade

The Maker's Place 8 Anzac Parade, Teralba NSW 2284

Artist Gallery

My name is Kathy Langlade and I am a mostly self-taught artist. I am of Chinese-French origins and live and work in Lake Macquarie. I love all things vintage and some of my work is inspired by pop culture from the 1960s and 1970s. I love fashion illustration, cartoons and Aboriginal art.

I use a variety of mediums, however my favourite is paper craft. I have had one solo exhibition in 2018 called Papercut at Charlestown Library featuring a series of works called Bondi Bunnies and another series of Australian animals all created with paper.

I have written and illustrated two self-published comics and a self-published children’s picture book in 2018 called ‘Who stole my Sausage roll?’. I currently teach a 5 week art course called ‘Unlocking Your Creativity’ to adults in the Lake Macquarie area.

I use a variety of drawing mediums including: pencil, brush pens, inks and watercolors. I also use mix media with paper craft and paint with acrylics.